Monday, March 12, 2012

Post Secret

Post secret was was created by Frank warren. Frank warren is a small business owner who started PostSecret as a community art project. Since October 2004 Warren has recieved thousands of anonymous postcards, Which have been turned into books, featured in galleries and has earned  him several awards. He has a travling art exhibit and was fetured in the popular music video for all american rejects "dirty little secret, . Post secret has also been one of the main contributers in raising money for  the 1 800 suicide hotline created by Reese Butler.  Warren states in one of his books " most secrets are sent anonymously, but the secrets that arrive from young people ushally stand out; their passions run deeper, their loneliness feels mire desolate, their joy is expansive. Their postcards reveal a hidden landscape and sound as though they come from brave explorers finding their way through a wilderness.


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