Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ibram Lassaw

Ibram Lassaw was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1913 to Russian-Jewish parents.his family settled in Brooklyn, New York in 1921.Lassaw was very interested in art from a young age .
Lassaw had his first formal training in 1927 with classes at the Brooklyn Children's Museum, which later became the Clay Club (now the Sculpture Center) taught by Dorothy Denslow. At the Clay Club until 1932, Lassaw learned modeling and casting, skills that he refined during his year at the Beaux Arts Institute of Design (1930-1931)

Ibram Lassaw, one of America's first abstract sculptors, was best known for his open-space welded sculptures of bronze, silver, copper and steel. Drawing from Surrealism, Constructivism and Cubism, Lassaw pioneered an innovative welding technique that allowed him to create dynamic, intricate and expressive works in three-dimensions. As a result, he was a key force in shaping New York School sculpture. 

Lassaw's innovative welding techniques, manipulation of diverse materials and fascination with creating space through sculptural forms distinguished his work from that of his contemporaries and predecessors, while at the same time connected him to the aims and concepts of Abstract Expressionism. He was a crucial part of the New York School, both artistically and socially, and instrumental in garnering attention for sculptural Abstract Expressionist work. 
Loom III
AskART - sample artwork by artist

Ibram Lassaw

Banquet, 1961

bronze 32 x 38 x 25 bronze 32 x 38 x 25 in.

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