Monday, February 6, 2012

Betti Gee

20" w x 16" h

"Mommy, I am Deaf!" 
Collage, ink drawing 

"Untitled", informally known as "the big ear" is an acrylic painting. It represents the medical view of deaf people -- where they are seen as an ear to be fixed, not a person.     1993   33" w x 34" h

"Hearing Test II"
- Say the Word -
Wood, doll, neon, plastics and metal

15" w x 19" h x 5" d

Betty G. Miller was in  was born in 1934 in Chicago, IL. Both of her parents were deaf. She had two older brothers who were both hearing. Growing up everyone just assumed Betty was hearing to. Betty did her best in all these schools. She kept her grades up and even got her degree in Art Education from Pennsylvania State University. Still she hadnt felt like she truely belonged. Then she excepted to  teach at Gallaudet University. Galaudet univeristy is is a federally chartered university for the education of the Deaf and hard of hearing. Her art focused completely on the Deaf experience, depicting the oppression Deaf people face at the hands of hearing, and also exhibiting the joy of sign that can be found throughout the Deaf community.Betty’s first one woman  Art show took place in the 1972 at  Gallaudet univeristy. it was called “The Silent World” it was Effective and throughout the 70’s she began to have shows frequently. In the 1980’s and 1990’s she began to have many one woman shows, she also collaberated with other Deaf artist. In 1993 Betty put on a a show with eight other Deaf artist which was the largest collection of De’VIA that had ever taken place. After thirteen years of teaching at Gallaudet, Betty decided she needed to move on. She spent time touring around the country putting on shows. Then she finally settled down and became the first deaf person to hace a certification as an addiction counselor. She worked hard and became nationally known. 

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